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Founded in 2018, Melioro Group enables clients across government, academia, industry and the third sector explore and integrate intelligence, insights, invention and innovation to create real world impact and value from intellectual capital. 

With a focus on the exploitation of dual use technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Autonomy, Data and Decision Sciences, Behavioural and Physical sciences, Melioro aims to help government, industry and academia realise mutual benefits from investing in fresh, innovative and agile ways of delivering solutions to strategic challenges with an emphasis on defence, security and resilience.

Underpinned by an extensive networks of contacts, access to funding organisations and real clarity around sector requirements, Melioro Group can help identify, implement and accelerate innovative portfolio solutions to your growth challenges.

Our background

Melioro Group Ltd was set up in 2018 by Jordan Giddings following his career in government, industry and academia. Jordan recognised the need for 'translators' who sit at the nexus of researchers, the private sector, investors and government to help develop new opportunities from the tactical to the strategic and build new and high performing collaborations.

Melioro Group Limited now works with a broad range of clients and associates to build ecosystems to help defence, security, cyber and transport clients develop and implement technology strategies, build capabilities, secure investment and build extensive networks across stakeholders nationally and internationally.

Professor Jordan Giddings, Founder and Director

Jordan is an adviser and leader of innovation and change in defence, security, cyber and technology domains with broad experience in academia, industry and government recognised at a national and international level. Driven by cutting edge challenges at the intersection of government, industry and academia, his style is particularly focussed on enabling delivery by leading collaboration through multidisciplinary and cross cutting teams. His areas of particular interests and expertise include dual use and emerging technologies, systems of systems, transdisciplinary research and innovation, Cyber, CNI, AI, Machine Learning, Autonomy, Data Sciences and broader Third Offset technologies to build long term capability across the supply base. Jordan is also deeply engaged with building and delivering business models and identifying routes for funding and investing in new and emerging technologies and associated start up companies.

Jordan has experience as both Board member and Chair across a wide range of commercial sector (including former QinetiQ Defence Science and Technology Strategy Director), Government organisations (Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security, and prior to that, for Transport), European organisations (former Board member of ERTICO) and Trade Associations (former Chair of the Tech UK Defence Research and Technology Council). He is presently a Director of UKCRIC ( based at UCL, an advisor to a number of UK Government Departments, a visiting Professor at the University of Hertfordshire, an Honorary Principal Research Fellow to the Imperial College Institute for Security Science and Technology and an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Oxford.

He is an expert Fellow of SPRITE+, the Security, Privacy, Identity and Trust Engagement Network and a member of the U.K. Government’s Independent Science and Technology Advisers’ register. He acts as an adviser to a number of start ups including Wayland Additive and Verdel Instruments and he is a senior adviser for Renaissance Strategic Advisors. Professionally, Jordan is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Chartered Physicist and Chartered Scientist. Jordan holds an MA Degree from the University of Oxford in Physics and a PhD from the University of London in High Energy Particle Physics.

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